Sooon – a visibly smart move

Born of Swiss horology and destined for digital greatness, Sooon is set to change the face of smartwatches apps.

Sooon is committed to making smart smarter. A unique blend of design, functionality and entertainment is what this dedicated team of watchmaking and technology experts is infusing into the rapidly growing smartwatch sector. They repeatedly demonstrate that beauty, brains and imagination are a powerful combination. Sooon transforms the screens of smartwatches into multi-faceted hubs that captivate the eye and mind.

A small, beautifully formed team founded Sooon in 2017 in the city of Neuchâtel, at the heart of Switzerland’s watchmaking region, also known as “Watch Valley”.  They set out to prove that smart is an exciting launch pad and not a final destination. Seeing the big picture of the smartwatch’s compact screen is the recipe for their success. This approach is two-fold. Their digital watch faces bring together the most coveted aspects of horological design and usability with high regard for the fun contained in functionality.

Sooon develops and creates faces for both direct, independent downloads – only available on Playstore for the moment –  and established watch brands. The company’s expertise has quickly and successfully flowed into their app designs. A glimpse into the future contains blueprints for exciting animations and looks that thrill on portable devices. Dedicated to making smart even smarter, this fresh and growing start-up is one to watch.